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10 Things You Should Say To Your Man


You know, it’s not only women who like to be flattered. Us guys like to hear that we look nice, and that we're wanted and appreciated too. Here's a number of things Brie Schwartz from redbook magazine figured out her man like to hear...

  • "You look handsome" (I'm not vain, but nice to hear)
  • "Thank you" (Most women are polite, but not all)
  • "I trust you" (That's huge)
  • "I'm on your side" (Many of us guys REALLY need to hear that)
  • "I'm listening" (That's a personal pet peeve of mine, gotta pay attention)
  • "Good morning. Let's get frisky!" (Hopefully she says it better than that)
  • "I'm sorry" (Another huge one for me, and OWN it)
  • "Your friends are fun" (Only if they really are - haha)
  • "You look buff" (That one would be a lie, in my case, but I'm getting there.)
  • "You make me better" (Everyone would love to hear that)

Brie fills these out in detail in the article here.


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